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One Place to Capture, Nurture, and Mobilize Your Fans

1. Capture Your Followers

Create a Musaic page and give your followers a single destination for everything you do. Make it easy for them to join your community.

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Success Story
Fran Vasilic Profile Image
Fran used Musaic to sell over 100 King of (Broken) Hearts Tee directly from his link-in-bio
Fran Vasilic
Out Now: A Lovesong For Whoever
A Lovesong for Whoever
Fran Vasilic
Ellie Dixon
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2. Nurture Your Community

Tell your story without an algorithm in the middle. Your community is your crew, so make them feel special via exclusive experiences, merch, and NFTs.

Success Story
Read about how Little Monarch sold Sample Packs to fund her tour with

3. Mobilize Your Fans

Recruit fans to support you where you need them most. Turn them into your street team to pre-save your music or promote your tour.

Success Story
Fran Vasilic Profile Image
Fran used Musaic to sell over 100 King of (Broken) Hearts Tee directly from his link-in-bio
👋 Hey Franatics! Help me promote my new song! 📢
On it! 👍🏽
😍 Love this song, sharing it on IG and TT!
It's on repeat at work! 🎶
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The most engaged fans spend over 700x more than social media followers.
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“Musaic is a great tool! Whether you want it focused on your merch, concert tickets or any other project you’re working on - they’ll make it happen”
Fran Vasilić | Artist
"Our fans helped us raise over $5,000 for our debut album, on our Musaic Link-in-Bio"
“The team at Musaic have been a pleasure to work with. I'm excited to continue developing ideas and concepts that will help strengthen my career”
JMSEY | Artist
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We're musicians building tools for musicians to live off of their craft. Our goal is to help you spend less time worrying about rent, and more time making music. Join us!

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